The Lightning Spring Change by Lagree Fitness

Introducing the Lagree Fitness Lightning Spring Change, the tool that has transformed the way the Lagree Method is taught and has birthed Lagree 2.0!


wireless spring change

The Lightning Spring Change is a wireless remote control that allows Lagree instructors to control the springs of all Lagree Fitness machines in one class. With this revolutionary tool, instructors can now manipulate the resistance of springs with the push of a button, eliminating the need for students to stop, saving as much as 90% on transition time, and increasing the overall effectiveness of each workout!


Other Benefits of the Lightning Spring Change

The lightning spring change is for more than just convenience or hygiene. This game-changing advancement exponentially improves the method for several reasons. The Lightning Spring Change:

1. Allows the mixing and matching of pulling and pushing movements which is not possible on analog machines.
2. Allows instructors to decrease or increase tension as students move on the carriage.
3. Encourages progressions, the combination of movements not otherwise possible on analog machines.
4. Allows instructors to teach a far superior workout to a larger crowd.



Note: The Lightning Spring Change is standard on the EVO 2 and is available as an "upgrade"0 for the EVO 1 and all Megaformer models.

Powerful remote capabilities

With long range capabilities, the Lightning Spring Change can be used in a studio as large as 10,000 square feet, which means instructors can now control up to 100 Megaformer at once and with the click of a button!


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