No CopyCats Here: Lagree Fitness is Inimitable

Sebastien Lagree, inventor of the only piece of fitness machinery to hold 150 patents, has created an entire exercise methodology as well as an entire line of fitness equipment that continues to evolve as each year passes.

"The biggest problem with copycats is that they are trying to copy a fitness method that they don't understand. There is a risk of injuries if you are trying to emulate Lagree on a machine that does not have the necessary patented Lagree features." - Sebastien Lagree


The Only President of an Exercise Method to Continue Teaching

We hear of all the popular fitness methods around these days, but Sebastien Lagree remains the only president, founder, and workout method inventor that remains teaching in the studio. These first-hand experiences, which occur in every class, provide Sebastien with intimate research and discovery that he utilizes to improve the methodology and machinery. While other manufacturers may attempt to recreate Lagree Fitness equipment, the amount of research and development utilized to create the unique technology will remain unmatched.


Patents Prohibit the Production of Copied Machinery and Methods

As a fully patented workout centered on the use of fully patented equipment, potential competitors cannot come close to replicating either component that makes Lagree Fitness as unique as it is. In fact, the Megaformer alone, only one of Lagree Fitness’ machines, holds 150 patents, giving competitors who will attempt to recreate Lagree equipment no chance to produce similar result-driven products. Since 1998, Lagree Fitness has differentiated itself from any other product or methodology in the industry. The future of the brand will only further this notion.



Top Ten Reasons to Be Aware of Lagree Fitness Copycats

  1. The copycats do not hold any patents. On the other hand, Lagree Fitness has a whopping 150 patents and counting.
  2. The copycats do not invest in Research & Development. At Lagree Fitness, we believe in relentless evolution. The new Lagree Fitness EVO 2 (link) is a copycat killer and extends far beyond the science of what the Megaformers hold.
  3. The copycats attempt to imitate the look of the Megaformer and attempt to trick people into buying what they believe is the Megaformer. A dishonest, senseless sales tactic.
  4. The copycats do not and cannot charge a licensing fee because they have not earned patents. Evolution matters. Lagree Fitness has the unsurpassed inventions and features, forcing the copycats to tiptoe around our patents.
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