The Inflatable Pad

Increase the difficulty of every Lagree movement with one simple product.


Intensify Every Lagree Movement

Increasing the intensity of a Lagree workout has never been simpler until the Inflatable Pad by Lagree Fitness. Use the Inflatable Pad during lunges or alter the angle of foot or hand placement to intensify an exercise. This product brings the perfect amount of instability to demand more from muscle groups during Lagree workouts.

The Inflatable Pad can be used in conjunction with the following: Mega Ab Wheel, The Rhino, The Micro, The Mini, The Megaformer, The Evo, The Reformer.

Use the Inflatable Pad on its own during push-ups, air lunges, or squats to increase efficacy!


Perfect for Beginners and Avid Lagree Lovers

Whether you''re a self-proclaimed Lagree-Lover or new to the Lagree Method, the Inflatable Pad is the perfect addition to any workout. Delivered partially inflated with a separate pump to complete inflation, the Inflatable Pad can be used in the following ways:

1. To stand on during lunges to make a surface more unstable
2. To kneel on to increase instability and comfort
3. To sit on for comfort
4. To change the angle of a movement

By increasing instability, the Inflatable Pad targets more intrinsic muscles and creates physical change more rapidly.


the inflatable pad classes On Demand

We know life can get busy, leaving little time for full-bore fitness routines every day. That's why we designed Lagree To-Go products, built for even the busiest fitness junkies looking to maintain or improve their physical fitness. Now, with Lagree On Demand, you can learn even more ways to use The Inflatable Pad by Lagree Fitness!


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